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The Military Museums Foundation is a Registered Charity that brings Canadian military heritage to life for thousands of learners each year through Alberta curriculum based education programs.

Military history is more than just dates and names of battles. By providing curriculum-based education programs, the Foundation supports The Military Museums’ mission to Remember, Preserve, and Educate.

The Military Museums Foundation helps over 5000 school children each year to stay connected to our nation’s proud military heritage. We develop and deliver over two dozen education programs that explore Canada’s military history from the War of 1812 to recent conflicts in Afghanistan and the Middle East.

We often are asked if The Military Museums Foundation (TMMF) is funded by the Government of Canada, the Department of National Defence (DND) or some other government body.  In short, the answer is no - The Foundation does not receive any support with three very important exceptions.

Firstly - The Military Museums Foundation is provided with office and classroom space within The Military Museums at no cost.  In other words, The Foundation does not pay any rent!  This helps us keep our administration costs low ensuring more money goes into the development and delivery of education programming.

Secondly - As a Registered Charity in Canada, we are eligible to apply for Government Grants that are available to all organizations in the charitable sector.  Some of these grants are awarded by the Department of History and Heritage, while others are specifically targeted at enhancing education.  The Foundation also applies for grants from the Alberta Provincial Government through the Community Investment Program (CIP) for example.  We also apply for grants through the Calgary Foundation.

Thirdly - We have recently been accepted to participate in the AGLC Casino pool which is open to all not-for-profit organizations in the Province of Alberta.

To develop and improve our programs and sponsor program delivery for schools that can not afford to learn about Canada's remarkable military history and heritage, we rely on the generosity of individual and corporate sponsors.

Meet our Education Interpreters

Bridget Melnyk, Senior Coordinator/Education Program Interpreter
I have a BA in history, anthropology, and classical studies from Mount Allison University. I specialize in the Belle Époque, modernity, and human-landscape relationships, which means that Great War programming is my absolute favourite! I have been sharing my love of history with schoolchildren and the general public for two years, and I have spent two additional years working in museum collections. When I'm not shoulder-deep in a historical endeavour, you'll find me in the garden, tending to plants or knitting in their company.

Rebecca Williams, Education Program Interpreter
I am currently a 4th-year history student at Mount Royal University my areas of focus are on Military and Gender History. I’ve spent many years as a summer camp educator empowering youth and teaching them about Cooperatives, and leadership before I was a museum educator. It is tough to choose my favourite program as I love them all so much but if I had to choose you can find me teaching Women and War. I believe that Women’s history in the military is a taboo topic and there are many stories about women overcoming adversity that I want to tell. When I’m not at the museum you can find me travelling, eating, or watching films (perhaps all three at the same time).

Heather McEachern, Education Program Interpreter
I graduated from the University of British Columbia with a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Biology. Many of my studies included a focus on science communication which I use to bring a different perspective to our education team. My favourite program to teach is Boats, Bells, and Banners because I love being able to combine talking about scientific principles and history in one topic. In my free time, I'm working on perfecting how to knit socks and getting deeply invested in sci-fi.

Alex Lyons, Education Program Interpreter
I have a BA in history with a minor in Indigenous studies from Mount Royal University. I specialized in Canadian Prairie history around agriculture, gender, and Indigenous issues. I am Metis and my favourite program to teach is Indigenous Perspectives and Veterans because I get to talk about the Red River Resistance. I love having the opportunity to teach schoolchildren about Indigenous experiences in Canada. When I am not at the museum I am often outside drawing nature in a sketchbook. 

Meet our Board of Directors

Gord Aker, P.Eng., PCC, Chair of the Board

Jessica Bates, Chair of the Education Committee

Dan Beauchamp, C.A., Treasurer

Bruce Bowman, Secretary

Chelsea Clark, Chair of the Diversity, Inclusion and Community Engagement Committee

Richard Labbé, Chair of the Membership Committee (The Honourable Guard)

Brian Tuffs, Vice Chair of the Board

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