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Grades 1-3

All programs are 45 minutes in length. Please select 3 programs for a half day, or 5 programs for a full day.


Anchors Aweigh

Recommended for: Grades 1-3

This program introduces students to the basics of ships and seafaring life in Canada’s largest naval museum.

Students will get crafty and create porthole windows before setting off on a voyage to the Naval Museum of Alberta. Here, gazing through their portholes, students will discover real aircraft with folding wings, impressive models of historical ships, enormous torpedoes, and more.

If a class has also booked Boats and Buoyancy, this tour will reinforce the concepts covered using real-life examples.

Finally, students will play an active game to learn the parts of a ship as well as some of the activities a sailor might experience onboard.

Designed to complement Boats and Buoyancy, but can stand alone if preferred.


Recommended for: All Grades

This is our quintessential Remembrance program, and has been adapted for all grade levels.

While popular in November, this program offers an overview of responsible citizenship and historical awareness that is appropriate for any time of year.

Students will explore the legacy of the Great War in Canada, from the moment the guns fell silent on 11 November 1918 to modern acts of commemoration. Division I students will focus on more tangible aspects of Remembrance (the symbol of the poppy, statues and plaques, ceremonies, etc.) and will collaborate to create a poppy wreath.

A tour will take them through a replica Great War trench, into Halls of Honour, and past thoughtful pieces of art.

Artefact Handling

Recommended for: All Grades

Please touch the artefacts!

In this program, students will be instructed in safe artefact handling methods by museum professionals. After donning a pair of white curatorial gloves, they will be given the opportunity to interact with items that are usually off limits, ranging in era from the Great War to the War in Afghanistan.

Students in Division I will focus on comparing and contrasting related objects. Which gas mask is older? Which camouflage pattern would work better in a forest? Which hat do you think sailors would wear?

Skills and Processes:

  • Dimensions of Thinking
  • Critical Thinking
  • Creative Thinking
  • Historical Thinking

Boats & Buoyancy

Recommended for: Grades 1-3
Curriculum Specific: Grade 2

  • Science 2–7: Construct objects that will float on and move through water, and evaluate various designs for watercraft.

Ahoy! This is a hands-on experimental program that dives into the science of buoyancy.

Students will begin by predicting and testing the buoyancy of various objects. What do the “floaters” have in common? The “sinkers”? The interpreter will then demystify the concept of density with classic demonstrations.

Finally, using what they have discovered over the course of the lesson, students will create tin-foil boats that can hold “sinkers” above the surface. This program will introduce students to the basics of the scientific method including making predictions, repeating tests, and recording results.

Designed to complement Anchors Aweigh, but can stand alone if preferred

Time to Explore

Strongly Recommended for All Classes

Time to Explore allows students to discover our institution’s seven museums at their own pace. While interpreters will be available at all times to answer questions and offer advice, classes are welcome to break off into adult-supervised groups and visit the places that excite them most.

Scavenger hunts are available upon request; teachers are also welcome to coordinate with interpreters to assign their own coursework-related tasks during this time.

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