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Frequently Asked Questions 

COVID-19 Protocols

  1. In adherence to the Department of Defence Policy as a DND building, Masks are  mandatory while visiting or participating in programming with the Military Museums Foundation. 
  2. In accordance with the province's Restriction Exemption Program we require that all of our participants, including students, teachers, and adult supervisors over the age of 12 be fully vaccinated and be able to provide proof of vaccination upon arrival at The Military Museums for your program. Those that cannot provide proof of vaccination must provide proof of a privately-paid negative rapid test result taken within 72 hours or have documentation of a medical exception. Those who cannot follow this will not at this time be able to participate in programming. 
  3. As of June 2021 we are limiting the capacity of our programming to 25 people per interpreter with a maximum of 3 interpreters for a total for 75 people per program. For groups larger then this we will have to book multiple days. 
  4. During programming we actively remind participants to watch their spacing and maintain the safe distance of 2 meters or more. 
  5. During programming we frequently clean and disinfect areas of high touch such as doors, tables, chairs railings etc. We encourage hand washing when ever possible and provide hand sanitizer when washing cannot be done.
  6. We continue to contract trace and ask all participants to fill out a health questionnaire before arrival on the  day of their programming. 

For more information on how TMMF is keeping you safe during your visit please click this link

Making A Reservation

How far in advance should I make a school program booking?

1-2 months is generally enough time to book in advance. We can try to accommodate last minute booking requests, but cannot guarantee your preferred date as indicated on the booking request form.

If you would like to request programming for the Remembrance period, please make your booking request during the summer months. The month of November is very popular and availability is often full by the beginning of the school year.

How do I know which programs to request?

Every program comes posted with a recommended age range, and some are designed to suit students of any age. If your students have a variety of abilities, want to meet special interests, or will be at a relevant point in their curriculum, we are happy to discuss specifics with you to ensure that your programming for the day meets your needs. Please direct any inquiries to the Education Coordinator at

Do you offer programming on evenings or weekends?

We do! If you would like to book for a Saturday or Sunday, simply pick that as your preferred date on the booking form (the Education Coordinator may follow up on this just to confirm.)

If you are an extracurricular group leader, evening programs are also available. You have two options. First, visit the "Evening Programs" tab to see if any of our special programming for youth groups meets your needs. Otherwise, you are welcome to use the booking form and programs on this page (the main difference being that we recommend filling only two blocks of programming). With either choice, the cost for this is $10 per participant.

How do I know my booking has gone through?
You will receive an email from the Education Department to finalise the booking process. Once any outstanding questions are answered, the Education Coordinator will send you a sample schedule of your visit. After this schedule is agreed upon, an official confirmation letter will be emailed to you. This letter will outline the price, programs, and rules of your agreement. This agreement is final and subject the policies noted therein. Any changes must be made more than a week before the booking date to avoid fees.

I have not received an email confirmation in response to my booking request. What should I do?

If you have not received a confirmation of your booking request via email within ten days of submitting it, please contact our education department at

Please note that during COVID-19 our response times may be longer than usual. We appreciate your patience.

What time of day should I book for?
The Museums do not open until 9:00 a.m. Beyond this, the start time is flexible. For a full day of school programming, we recommend starting as close to 9:00am as possible. For a half day, we recommend starting either around 9:00am or immediately after lunch.

Group Sizes and Volunteers

How many students can I bring in at one time?

Due to current public health guidelines, we cannot invite more than one class at a time to our facility. TMMF is committed to providing a safe and engaging environment for learning and this includes our COVID-19 response. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding this policy.

How many adult supervisors should we bring with our group?

For students aged 10 and younger, we ask that there is one adult leader for every six students. For older students, one adult for every ten students is recommended. These adults will be allowed free entry; all additional adults will be charged $6.00.

What role do teachers and adult supervisors play during programming?
All adult leaders are expected to help direct and actively supervise the participating students assigned to them. Especially with younger grades, they may also be asked to help facilitate any activities (crafts, artwork, etc.) During Time to Explore periods, students’ behaviour and safety is the direct responsibility of all supervisory adults.

Museum Facilities

Do you have a cafeteria?
We do not have a cafeteria on-site. We do have a vending area and an education classroom, both of which may be used as an eating area for students. If weather permits, students are also welcome to eat outdoors. Please note that we do not have a microwave, and we are unable to supply cutlery. Students should be advised to bring cold lunches and their own utensils.

Is there a spot to leave coats and bags?

We have a coat room where visitors are welcome to leave their coats and backpacks. While we do our best to maintain a secure environment, items left in the coat room remain the responsibility of their owners. In the event that two schools are visiting at once, the coat room will be labeled to keep belongings separate. 

How wheelchair accessible are the Museums?

There is a ramp leading up to the main entrance of the Museums, as well as an elevator to the lower level of the Navy Museum, and ramps leading to Cooper-Key Hall. The only area we have that is inaccessible is the Fall of ‘44, below our entryway. If we know we are expecting a guest that finds stairs inaccessible, no activities will be scheduled in this exhibit. Please do not hesitate to inform us of any accessibility needs.

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