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Grades 10-12

All programs are 45 minutes in length. Please select 3 programs for a half day, or 5 programs for a full day.



Recommended for: All Grades

This is our quintessential Remembrance program, and has been adapted for all grade levels.

While popular in November, this program offers an overview of responsible citizenship and historical awareness that is appropriate for any time of year.

Students will explore the legacy of the Great War in Canada, from the moment the guns fell silent on 11 November 1918 to modern acts of commemoration.

Division IV students will look look beyond the First World War see how we commemorate from statues to services and more. 

Artefact Handling

Recommended for: All Grades

Please touch the artefacts!

In this program, students will be instructed in safe artefact handling methods by museum professionals. After donning a pair of white curatorial gloves, they will be given the opportunity to interact with items that are usually off limits, ranging in era from the Great War to the War in Afghanistan.

Division IV students will use critical thinking skills to identify and date artefacts, and imagine the lives and roles of the people who may have used them.

Skills and Processes:

  • Dimensions of Thinking
  • Critical Thinking
  • Creative Thinking
  • Historical Thinking

Canada and The Great War

Recommended for: Grades 10-12 

This program explores how Canada shaped, and was shaped by, the Great War. From battles like Vimy Ridge and Passchendaele, to the first voting rights extended to Canadian women, the war’s effects permeated nearly every aspect of Canadian society.

A special emphasis will be placed on the nationalism outcomes explored by grade 11. In the board game, students will dive into the battles discussed in the presentation, and see if they can re-write history.

This counts as two program blocks.

Canada and The Cold War

Recommended for: Grade 12

Did you know that the Cold War started in Canada? At least some scholars say so. For 40 years after the Second World War, Canada saw arctic defence campaigns, tragic aerial accidents, Soviet defections, and more.

Discover how espionage, nuclear panic, and proxy wars shaped Canada's identity and relationship with ideology.

Military Myth Building

Recommended for: Grades 10-12

This program explores the concept of national myths, including their origins, changes over time, uses, and abuses.

With both Canadian and international examples in hand, students will examine the battles of Vimy Ridge and Juno Beach as potential “origin myths” for Canadian national identity.

Finally, students will sort through various provided primary and secondary sources to argue that one of these battles means more to our national identity than the other.

Women in War

Recommended for: All Grades 

From nursing sisters serving in the 1885 Northwest Resistance to the first female infantry officer to command the Queen’s Guard in 2017, this tour covers the experiences and contributions of Canadian women in war.

Discover women’s dynamic and changing roles as parachuting nurses, war artists, aeronautical engineers, naval captains, truth-speakers, barrier breakers, and more.

Time to Explore

Strongly Recommended for All Classes

Time to Explore allows students to discover our institution’s seven museums at their own pace. While interpreters will be available at all times to answer questions and offer advice, classes are welcome to break off into adult-supervised groups and visit the places that excite them most.

Scavenger hunts are available upon request; teachers are also welcome to coordinate with interpreters to assign their own coursework-related tasks during this time.

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